Current / A Piece of Work

A Piece of Work

Digital / RED Komodo / 4:3

Fiction, 2023, b&w, duration: 30 minutes

A Piece of Work is a twin work to A Vacation, a film which describes the conspicuous conditions under which the first was made.

In this film, which can be described as equal parts comedy, sociological study and self-criticism (a Western artist inserting himself in a context he is not fully at home in), Eroglu places himself in front of the camera as an actor alongside his father and the actor of A Vacation Hüseyin Isçi besides casting a roster of locals from the first film.

Filmed entirely on location in the mountainous Northern Highlands of Turkey, the film critically probes the concept of the “political artist”, who, through an activistic act, seeks to enforce change.

Official Selection CPH:DOX 2023 "New Vision Award"

Written and Directed By

Denis Eroğlu

Director of Photography 

Kevin Klein


Enikö Edelsbrunner

Sound design

Alexandros Papamarkou


Hüseyin İşçi

Mustafa Eroğlu

Hasan Cörüt

Kadriye Yavuz

Turkey, Fall 2022

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